Mistress By Blackmail(86)

By: Caro LaFever

His gaze was filled with a masculine satisfaction. And a sliver of silver relief.

She should have known he’d figure it out. The amount of attention and care he gave her would have given him some clues. Plus, he had a way of reading her which was a bit uncanny. He was quickly developing into the most sensitive man she’d ever met.

“Bloody hell,” she said, giving him a mock pout. “You know.”

“Si,” he responded, his eyes dancing with delight. “I am a smart man.”

“And a virile one.” Her hand touched his jaw, reveling in the coarse shadow of hair.

“That, too.” He watched his hand as it moved across her flat belly. He glanced back at her and gave her a blinding smile. His signature dimples appeared, entrancing her as always. “You trust me, don’t you, carita?”

“Si.” She gave him a grin filled with happiness. “I trust you. You proved to me I would be safe in your love.”

“I am a man who keeps his promises.” His grey gaze was clear as glass and she saw right into his soul.

All healed. All love. All hers.

“I know.” Her eyes filled with tears. Happy tears this time. “That’s why I trust you with my heart.”

“Darcy.” His eyes glowed and glimmered with happy tears of his own.

“And my love,” she whispered.

The Great Man gave her another smile filled with his own love and leaned down to kiss her.

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