Her Touch(61)

By: Alexa Riley

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you,” I moan, right before the gag goes over my mouth.

“Love you, too, sweet girl. Remember that when you’re begging me to stop making you cum.”

Like he’d ever let me forget how much he loves me.



Another 4 years later…

I lean back in my chair, looking out at my girls. Maggie and Alice are setting up a tea party with my oldest granddaughter. My boys are all playing catch next to them.

“God, I’m happy you talked Alice into moving out here,” Eli says, sitting down next to me with his eighteen-month-old little girl in his arms. She’s fast asleep. She tried to keep up with the boys playing catch, but she finally gave up and passed out on him a little while ago. Unlike her older sister, who stood on the side and cheered them on like they were really playing a game. Now she’s setting up a victory tea party that everyone must attend.

I reach over and take her from Eli’s arms. He reluctantly lets her go as I slide my granddaughter to me. I smile down at her. She looks just like Maggie did when she was her age. But her older sister has darker hair and seems to favor me a little more.

“It didn’t take much,” I admit. When I first went to Alice about moving, she’d said no. Too many memories to leave behind in the house we’d been in. She was right, there were a lot of them—from our first moments together to our first moments with our boys. “But we know what my sweet girl loves most. Family. When I said we’d be within walking distance of each other, that was that.”

Eli nods, smiling. The whole thing had been Bug’s idea to begin with. I loved the idea of Alice getting to build a house the way she wanted it, like she dreamed. She had, and it was perfect. But I would have been happy anywhere as long as all of us were together.

“Sir.” I look over at Eli. “Thank you,” he says, and I can hear the emotion in his voice. Eli grew up with no family. I had one, but they weren’t much of anything. They gave me Maggie, though, so I’m thankful for them in some ways.

“Thank you,” I tell him, looking out into the yard at our family, a family he had just as much of a hand in making as I did.

We’re all different pieces that come together and make a beautiful puzzle. I never would have thought we’d all fit together the way we do, but does anybody ever truly know what direction their lives will take them? I can say one thing for sure after all my years on this earth: This is as close to perfect as anyone could ever dream of.


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