Cocky Senator (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 5)(9)

By: Faleena Hopkins

“I’m not that close minded, Jaimes.”


That’s what my mother used to call me.

He holds my eyes.

Does he understand something big is going on for me? He looks like he gets it.

These feelings — of pain and sadness and frustration and annoyance, along with so many others I couldn’t name if I tried — have nothing to do with him, and he knows that. I was ordering whiskey before we even spoke today.

I take his hand and rest it back on my leg, holding it there while I close my eyes.

I need this warm touch. I just do.

We remain this way until my new drink appears. Justin takes it with his free hand. “Thank you.” Squeezing my thigh he asks, “You want this?”

“Hold it a moment longer?” I’d shut the tray table before lift off as you’re supposed to do. Which is really just a pain in the ass. After I unlock it and bring it down again, he sets the glass on it for me. “Here ya go.”

Under its shield I lay my hand on his and slide it up my thigh. “Thank you,” I smile.

Justin needs no further coaching.

His hand slips between my legs.

My eyelashes lower to watch his fingers disappear under my dress’s hem, and he wriggles the fabric around so that I remain modestly covered. Oh, he’s done this before, has he?

I don’t mind.

He’s a boy toy, this one.

That’s his lot in life.

To make women feel better.

And I need to feel better.

I can’t see his thick fingers anymore but I can feel them slip under my panties and stroke me while he stares forward like we’re not doing this.

I press my shoulders into the seat, pushing my hips up a little. Justin casually takes a sip of his drink while hungry fingers work away with pure talent. I glance over to him. His profile mouths, “So wet.”

Oh, God, it’s impossible not to moan, but I manage not to.

The female flight attendant peeks out to check on First Class and my body tenses, but Justin yawns and sets down his whiskey on his own tray table so as not to call attention to me. The whole time his middle finger flicks my clit in steady beats.

She vanishes again, having seen nothing out of the ordinary.

The guy across from us is snoring. His neighbor by the window is working on her laptop under one of those stupid spotlight bulbs she just switched on overhead. She could easily glance our way at any moment.

This is so wrong.

So dirty.

I love every naughty second of it.

Shifting my body toward him I give him easier access to my aroused, hot little pussy. He plunges a finger deeply inside me and holds there, biting his lip and shaking his head with desire. My hand wraps around his wrist, because I want him to keep going. His lips part. I glance to his crotch. His huge cock is pushing at that zipper. God, I want it.

Justin holds my look as he starts flicking my clit on the side I love the most. He sees my reaction and after about a minute of staring at me he mouths, “Cum for me.”

His lips.

That close shave.

The fucking tie I want to unravel and string him up with.

Biting back a whimper I silently explode on his thick fingers.

His long blonde eyelashes drop to my lap. His mouth is open. I can see his tongue. I want to taste it one more time. We both bite our lips at the same time and lock eyes with lust. He cups me and massages my tender pussy until I’m a puddle.

Pulling his hand back he darts a quick look around and decides more can’t be done here. All the seats are full. But I love that he’s thinking about it. How great would it be to just climb on his lap right here in the seat?

Oh my God. He just brought his fingers to his lips and closed his eyes, sucking on them for his pleasure alone, since he can’t have more.

He completely melts me with this.

He loves the taste. He loves women.

All women.

Which means he’s dangerous, doesn’t it?

Yes, it really does.

I push my dress down and lay my scarf over my legs, stealing one last glance at his handsome profile before I start reading my magazine.

Remember he’s not a man you can get attached to, Jaimie. He’s one to use up and throw away before he does that to you.


Had to gather myself together there.

I almost pulled her onto my lap I wanted to fuck her so badly. I’ve never had sex in an airplane, and I’ve never gotten someone in the seat right next to me off, either.

Fucking hot.

Opening my eyes I glance over to her, but she’s faced away from me, reading a woman’s magazine like I’m not here and that didn’t just happen.

First she leaves me staring after her in the janitor’s closet. Now this. I’m intrigued.

I take note of the fact that she hasn’t touched the second drink. Addiction I have no patience for, thanks to a certain ex-model’s coke habit nearly crushing my brother, Jason. I was curious about this woman’s before-noon cocktails. Joined her ‘morning drinking’ as purely a strategy to get under her skirt. I was very aware she might have a problem, which is a real turn off for me in general.

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