Cocky Senator (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 5)(79)

By: Faleena Hopkins

“Well, then you better drink up because how else are we going to get that ring out?”

I take a little sip and give him one, too. He kisses me and when I taste whiskey on his lips I remember the first kiss we shared when we pretended to be married.

Impatiently, with the glass still half-full, Justin digs it out and slides it onto my ring finger, sucking the drops off my skin while I laugh at him. Tossing the glass on his nightstand, he tackles me, hard again as he murmurs against my lips, “You’re going to take my last name, right?”

“Mmm, not sure. You should convince me.”

His eyes darken as he reaches for the ties again.

“Oh no no!” I laugh.

“Oh yes yes,” he smirks.

I grab his hips and hurriedly say, “Mrs. Jaimie Cocker! I like the sound of that.”

He grins, drops the ties and pulls me on top of him. “Me too.”


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