Cocky Senator (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 5)(4)

By: Faleena Hopkins

Justin helps me into my coat and then offers his hand. Taking it I step off the barstool and stand in front of him, dwarfed by his height by at least five inches even in these heels.

With a husband’s familiarity he reaches into my coat and slips his arm around my waist, resting an open palm on the small of my back. I’m speechless while he gazes into my eyes, his fingers slowly seek out my panty line, sliding across it. My eyelids suddenly feel quite heavy.

“Your fingers are moving lower on my back, Mr. Cocker.”

In a deep and private voice, he returns, “I hope you’ll let them travel other places.”


Equally quietly, I inform him, “I hope you have condoms, because if you think I don’t know you must do this often, you’re mistaken.”

He whispers, “Ribbed or deer skin?”

“Dear God.”


“You’re seriously unbelievable.”

“Wait until I fuck you.”

Shaking my head on a smile, I bite my lower lip and his heated gaze drops immediately to watch.

“You know what’s the biggest lie we told that poor man?”

“All of it?” he smirks.

“That a guy like you would ever get married.”

Something happens in Justin at this. A tornado of anger – and pain, too? – flashes across his eyes before he masks it.

Changing the subject, he asks, “When does your plane leave?”

“I have just over a half hour before I need to be at my gate.”

“Me too.”

After a few heated moments I feel my heart skip at the realization that I'm really about to go through with this naughty and extremely illicit act, and that I'm doing it with Justin Cocker of all people. With the way he's staring at me I can't help but feel desirable and even beautiful. Fairly loudly, he announces, “You know, honey, we haven’t kissed since that fight at your parent’s house last night.”

My eyes close as he leans in.

With expensive whiskey flavoring his lips, he kisses me softly. Shivers whisper down my throat. Justin’s tongue lightly traces the inside of my bottom lip. He moves to whisper in my ear, his voice thick, “You haven’t pulled away from me.”

I’m breathless, barely able to speak. “I don’t want to.”

He can never offer you anything more than hot sex.

Remember that, Jaimie, as you follow him.

“You don’t want to pull away?”



The bartender interrupts.

Time to pay.


I’m a big fan of the jet-black hair that drapes over her shoulders in sloping waves like Veronica Lake’s. I’m also turned on by the classical coat, dress, and heels, but it’s really the way she holds herself that’s got my blood pumping. It tells me she could stroll into the stuffiest room without fear of judgment. She comes from status and money. And I can’t wait to hear her moan.

Signing the receipt I slide my card into my wallet while she waits for me. I don’t hurry. She won’t change her mind. The chemistry between us is so strong I’m not the slightest bit surprised she accepted my invitation, though I enjoyed the witty banter and attempts at resistance. Those were entertaining. Rare, too. Usually legs just open for me. I’m getting a little tired of that tedium.

“Thanks,” I nod to the bartender, sliding the leather-bound tab forward. I glance to the smoky-eyed beauty. “We have to catch that flight or your mom’ll be pissed.”

She raises an eyebrow. “Must you use that word when talking about my mother?”

“Sorry. She’ll be perturbed.” I give the bartender a wink. “Come on, dear.” I take her warm hand and feel a quick squeeze as she struggles not to laugh and give us away.

Leading her to the janitor’s closet, a medium-sized room I learned about seven years ago when an older woman seduced me in this airport, I ask, “No carry-on?”

“Just my purse.”

“You’re still not going to tell me your name?”

“Why should I?”

My cock is extremely into this.

Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

I chuckle, “I knew you wanted anonymity.”

“Oh, you’re soooooo certain of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Who else can I be certain of?”

She can’t help but smile. “I suppose you’re right.”

This is exactly what I need today. Senator Rothdale’s term is up. If someone good — like me — doesn’t beat him, he could be in there for another thirty years. It’s ridiculous he’s been in there that long already.

There are no fucking term limits except for the President. Members of Congress can serve until they die. I’m going to change that.

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