The Ties that Bind(63)

By: Emilie Rose

Cody came tromping into the room. Pierce picked him up, juggling both boys as if he’d been doing it for years. “Let’s get you boys cleaned up.”

Kat swept into the room looking elegant even in her sweats and baggy T-shirt. Anna had to admit she’d been leery about becoming friends with one of Pierce’s past lovers, but not once in the past two years during Kat’s almost bi-monthly visits had she witnessed a single untoward incident between her husband and his ex.

“The limo just pulled up. I’ve got the dynamic duo. You two need to go. Have a great time. Stay as late as you like. And yes, Pierce, I will keep my cell phone handy if you need to make a video call to check on your children.”

His cheeks darkened. “I’ve only done that once.”

“Twice,” Kat and Anna said in unison and grinned at each other.

But Anna loved him for it.

He handed over the boys and held out his hand. Anna placed hers in his, letting the heat of his palm warm her soul. She would never have believed it two years ago, but there was nowhere she’d rather be and no one she’d rather be with than the man who’d once had an armor-plated personality.

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