The Greek Children's Doctor(67)

By: Sarah Morgan

He was still smiling as he looked at her. ‘Why on earth would I need someone like that?’

‘Because all the women you’ve dated so far have failed to keep your attention for longer than five minutes,’ Libby explained with impeccable logic, ‘so you need to date someone who is totally opposite to your usual.’

‘Thanks for the advice,’ Alex said dryly, standing up and nodding briefly as Andreas approached. ‘Are you absolutely sure you did the right thing, marrying this woman? I mean, according to Adrienne, women were queuing up to marry you.’

‘I did the right thing.’ Andreas held out a hand and gave a slow smile that made Libby’s heart race. Suddenly she forgot about her brother. All she could think about was her own future, with the man she loved.

She stood up and held out a hand. ‘Time to smash some plates, Dr Christakos.’

And Andreas led her onto the dance-floor.

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