His Secretary Mistress(73)

By: Chantelle Shaw

He looked like a man about to be sent to the gallows, Jenna thought through a mist of tears. He had said he was sure that she cared for him, but he wasn’t that sure—she could tell from the rigid line of his jaw that he was struggling to keep his emotions in check.

‘You don’t have to wait,’ she reassured him, stretching up to wind her arms around his neck. ‘I think I’ve loved you for ever. You don’t know how many times I nearly admitted that I was no longer married, but I was scared. I was sure you were only interested in a brief affair, and I had Maisie.’

‘Meeting her for the first time was a shock,’ Alex admitted with a rueful smile. ‘But not because I don’t like children. I hope we’ll have half a dozen, and I love Maisie as if she was my own. You have no idea how badly you rocked my world that day. You looked so young and fragile, yet you were so determined to be strong for your daughter. I knew then that I loved you, although it took a mad dash down the motorway for me to accept my life was never going to be the same again.’

He didn’t seem too sad about that fact, Jenna decided several minutes later as she lay on the sofa, her clothes scattered in a heap on the floor, quickly to be joined by his.

‘Stop wriggling,’ he admonished sternly as she entwined her legs with his, tilting her hips in her desperation to feel him inside her. ‘This is the first time I’ve made love to you, knowing that you love me. I want it to last.’

‘I’ve no problem with hard and fast,’ she assured him, but by then she had no choice in the matter, and he drove into her, each powerful thrust sending her higher and higher, until she cried his name and clung to his shoulders while he found his own exquisite release.

‘I thought we could have an extended honeymoon in New Zealand,’ he murmured later, as they lay replete in each other’s arms. ‘It’ll give your parents a chance to enjoy Maisie while I enjoy you,’ he added throatily, and was rewarded with a smile that took his breath away.

‘My parents will love you,’ she said confidently, ‘and Maisie already adores you. But their feelings fade to nothing compared to my love for you. You are my other half for the rest of my life; friend, lover and husband—for ever.’

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