The Billionaire Princess(7)

By: Christina Tetreault

Countless men had called her beautiful, yet coming from him it sounded different, more sincere perhaps. Running her tongue over her lips to moisten them, she met his gaze. Then they both took a step forward at the same instant. A tiny part of her brain went on autopilot when she felt her body come into contact with his. Slowly, he lowered his head toward hers and she found herself craving the taste of his lips more than she craved her next breath.

When his lips settled on hers he placed his hands on her shoulders, warmth seeping though her body. Their kiss remained gentle and sweet, but Sara allowed herself to learn the taste and texture of his lips, something she'd wanted to do since he climbed into the limo that afternoon.

The desire to increase the intensity of the kiss soon exploded. Sara wrapped her arms around Christopher's waist and anchored him against her as they continued to kiss. When the need for air became so great she feared his lungs would explode, Christopher pulled his mouth away from hers and began to leave a trail of kisses from the corner of her mouth across her jaw and down her neck.

In response Sara tilted her neck to the side to give him better access. Christopher continued his trail of kisses as his hands slid up and down the skin of her uncovered back causing her to tingle at his touch.

“Maybe we should go inside,” he whispered near her ear.

She nodded in agreement without pausing to consider the ramifications. Moving on autopilot, she let him lead her back inside to his room as his hands and lips stayed in contact with her body.

After closing the door with his foot, she heard him lock it. One hand gripped her hip making it difficult to move, while he attempted to unbutton his shirt with the other. When the buttons wouldn't cooperate fast enough he yanked at the front tearing the buttons off and sending them in every direction. Once his shirt no longer remained as a barrier between them, he reached for her zipper. In the back of her mind, she expected him stop at any second—for him to come to his senses, pull away and toss her from the room. Instead he slid the zipper down her back and then pushed the thin straps from her shoulders, making the dress fall in a puddle around her feet.

Kicking the dress aside, she reached for his belt buckle. As her hands worked to undo it, his hands explored the contours of her back only stopping once to unclasp on her strapless bra.

When they'd both managed to dispose of each other’s clothing, he moved them, stopping when the backs of her legs hit the bed. Then in one final movement they tumbled onto the bed together.

Chapter 2

Sara awoke and was instantly aware of two things; she had no clothes on and there was an arm draped across her stomach that didn't belong to her. As the cobwebs of sleep cleared from her mind bits and pieces from the night before came trickling back into her consciousness.

After the ceremony everyone had gathered for dinner and dancing. At some point everyone but she and Christopher disappeared from the romantic poolside setting and she had yet another cosmo, her fourth of the night. Normally she stopped after two. She could only remember one occasion when she'd consumed three and she didn't know why she had so many the night before.

After the drink they'd kissed. At first the kiss had been gentle, but it'd changed as desire and longing surged through her veins. It'd been more than two years since a man kissed her. Without any warning her body instantly responded. Soon she and Christopher were holding onto each other for dear life as they made their way to his room.

Not once had she paused to think about what she was doing. She'd let him take her dress off without any protest. She thought she remembered helping him remove an article or two of his clothing, but she couldn't be certain.

Groaning at the memory, she squeezed her eyes together. Maybe if she didn't open them all these memories would turn out to be just part of a dream. A very nice dream, but one she'd didn't want to be real. Maybe the weight she felt across her middle was a figment of her imagination.

Sara shifted her leg a little and the feel of crisp hairs against her leg dashed away any hope that she was still dreaming. Slowly taking in a deep breath and then exhaling, Sara opened her eyes.

Something between a groan and a laugh bubbled up and out of her when her eyes settled on Christopher's face. His eyes were still closed and his breathing remained even, as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Hell, what was I thinking? She'd never in her life had a one-night stand. Not to mention this was her brother's best friend. How was she going to face Christopher now? What about her brother? She'd die if Jake ever found out.

Could she sneak out before he woke up? While it might not solve the overall problem at hand, at least she would not have to face him naked the minute he woke up.

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