The Billionaire Princess(2)

By: Christina Tetreault

“I meet her last year at Jake's office and we've all gotten together several times since. I like her. She seems perfect for him.”

“I think so too.” Sara reached for more water. “She's definitely the right woman for my brother.” She took a sip from the bottle and then asked him about his company.

About twenty minutes after leaving the airport, the limo arrived at The Sherbrooke Resort and Spa, one of Sherbrooke Enterprises's finest hotels in Maui. Upon entering the resort Christopher and Sara crossed the lobby to the private elevator behind the hotel concierge’s desk and in silence they rode the elevator up to the penthouse apartment, which occupied the entire 21st floor. When the doors opened they walked directly into the living room.

“Good, you two are here. Everyone else is out on the balcony.” Jake crossed the room toward them.

Sara dropped her Coach bag onto a nearby table and embraced her older brother. “Care to tell us what's going on?” Before letting go she dropped a kiss on Jake's cheek.

With a devilish smile Jake moved toward Christopher and slapped him on the back. “Why don't you both come outside and join everyone. Then I'll tell you what's up.”

“Who else is here?” Sara fell into step alongside Jake and Christopher.

“Charlie, of course, Maureen, Callie and Dylan.” He didn't wait for a response before stepping onto the balcony that ran the entire length of the building.

Immediately, Sara thought of Christopher's remark in the car about a wedding. His guess must be right. What other reason could they have for inviting Charlie's mom?

While Jake walked over to his fiancée, Sara took a seat near Dylan and Callie. They sat on an extra-wide padded lounge chair. Dylan's arm rested across Callie's shoulders and their hands were clasped together. Sara fought hard to suppress an eye roll in their direction. Since meeting Callie, her no-nonsense workaholic half-brother had become quite the romantic.

“So are you going to tell us what's up or should we guess?” Christopher asked the very question on her mind.

“Charlie and I are getting married tonight.”

“You'd better be joking or Mom's going to kill you!” Sara looked from Charlie to Jake waiting for one of them to answer her.

“I'm not joking. Dylan and Callie helped us arrange everything. We getting married tonight at five o'clock.”

Even though her brother and his fiancée had been engaged since New Year's Eve they hadn't set a wedding date or to her knowledge even started to make formal plans. She guessed they were in no rush.

“What about Mom and Dad?” Sara glanced around at the other people present. No one but Maureen seemed the least bit surprised by Jake's announcement.

“They don't know. And we want to keep it that way,” Jake answered.

“Have you lost your mind?” Sara came to her feet. “You cannot get married without them here, Jake. Mom will never forgive you.” She knew her brother liked to do things his own way, but she never thought he'd go this far.

In response Jake gave a slight shrug. “It's not about them. Charlie and I don't want a huge affair like Callie and Dylan. That's not us.”

Sara couldn't argue with him on that point. She did find it hard to picture Jake and Charlie having such an elaborate and formal wedding. That didn't mean she couldn't see them having something grander than this. And not to have their parents there felt wrong.

“If Mom knew about this she'd insist on making it a big event and then the media would descend. We don't want that. She'll be angry, but eventually she'll get over it.”

The way she saw it, saying their parents would be upset was the understatement of the century. At the same time though, she couldn't disagree with her brother that Elizabeth Sherbrooke would insist on turning the wedding into a grand event for the whole world to see.

“I still think that you're crazy.” Sara looked over at Callie and Dylan who had remained silent so far. “And why didn't you tell me about this Dylan, if you both knew.” It hurt to think Jake trusted them with the secret but not her.

“Need to know. He needed me to help arrange things. Otherwise he wouldn't have told us either,” Dylan answered. “We didn't say anything because we figured the less that people knew, the less likely someone would slip. And it’s not like it’s been planned for long. We finalized things about three weeks ago.”

Dylan's answer made her feel a little better, but not much. She knew how to keep a secret. Their plans would've been just as safe with her. “When do you plan to tell Mom and Dad? I might make plans to be out of the country when you do.”

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